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The first Indian Tamil free channel that runs tirelessly but humbly carrying the Word of God freely to every one in this world especially to those who speak Tamil. It was in the month of May 2005.

Our Bro. J. Allen Paul was in a particular city to deliver the Word of God in a meeting when God's Glory filled our brother's room in which he was staying. In His Glory the Lord told to start a spiritual channel for those who speak Tamil which Bro.Allenís mother tongue too. Brother J. Allen Paul began working for this project with Godís help.

VISION of Blessing TV

The word of God to be made available in each and every home to have a direct communion with God day and night; to meditate the Word of God whenever they want, to worship God sitting from their drawing room. As we are in the last days, God has chosen this Blessing Channel to shower God's blessings to every one by purifying their lives and making each and every soul come to heaven. God has commanded Bro.Allen not to charge any money for telecasting any of the programmes in this channel as Telecast Charges.

To carry the Word of GOD 24hours to all those who can speak Tamil all over the world.


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