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About Bro. Dr. J. Allen Paul

“With men it is impossible, but with God all things are possible” says the Bible.

Born on 14th April in 1971 to the God-fearing parents named Bro.Jayapaul and Mrs.Saroja Jayapaul in a Village T.Kallupatti in South India was brought up in a very pious Christian way. When he was just a month year old baby he was offered in the hands of the world renowned missionary who had come to that village from England named JOHN PRINITIS who prayed for the boy baby to become a mighty servant of God like him and to be on FIRE FOR JESUS. His parents named him as Allen Paul after the names of the famous servant of God Allen and after Apostle Paul who stands as the best example for every servant of God. Even in his childhood days his parents found him to be unique and a very special child because he was very different from others as his only interest was in Jesus and finding more about Him.

“As it is written in the law of the Lord, Every male that openeth the womb shall be holy to the Lord” Luke 2:23

Thus he was dedicated for God’s work by his Parents when he was just 13 years old. God was with him all through his life. During his childhood days itself God anointed him at the very young age of 12 while he was attending a youth meeting and there he offered himself to God and pleaded Jesus to cleanse him with His precious blood and make him pure and holy and also pleaded that the Lord should grant him salvation.

The mighty Anointing:

This little boy who was on fire for God, saw a vision on the spot where he saw “ Jesus coming down with His twelve apostles and anointed him and sanctified him”. And from that day onwards, Bro.Allen started seeking Jesus more and could not keep the joy of salvation within himself but started telling everyone about what he knows about Jesus and how good Jesus is!

Whenever he had some free time after his school hours the little boy Allen, started his mission of announcing everything he knows about Jesus to each and everyone whom he met in all near by villages. And to his surprise few of his age group boys and friends too joined him in his mission. That is how the journey of the future-servant of God started at a very young age.



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